Sunday, May 5, 2013

College study tips

College study tips
                Want College study tips 

I know that studying differently is hard, but It's harder to sit here and look at this image and know this is how you study often, it sucks. But everything can change and it doesn't have to be this way, you can start over differently. It'll be hard but the results will be different and you can see the difference in your grades.
Start a schedule that will work for you, especially since your in school and you also may work. So the first thing to do would be for you to start a schedule. Maybe 2-3 hours would be good, and if not you can start with an hour and work from there. The main thing you want to do is cut down on the long hours and feel like your actually getting something out of studying.
 Always remember that repetition is the best way to learn something, whether it's a new subject or a new song. The more you read on it or listen to it, the more you can repeat it. Don't over do the books, and stuff yourself just try to continue to repeat everything that you know. Start off with your notes which is usually on the exams mostly. After trying to remember or repeating what you know, the exams will be that much easier for you.
Lastly, get sleep it's the most important part of anyone's day. Between 6-8 hours of sleep will help anyone when it comes to retaining information for an exam. Plus no one functions well on no sleep, people tend to do things better and have more energy with a good nights sleep.