Friday, July 12, 2013

Making Doll Clothes

Making Doll Clothes is easy and Fun to do
Start off with a few things
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Scissors 
  • Old Clothes 
  • Or Fabric
  • A doll 
  • Measuring Tape 
  • Tape
  It can be any color of thread, and the size of the needle is up to you.

use an old shirt, or pants that you do not want anymore. Start by placing the doll on top of the shirt and drawing a shirt or pants you want the doll to have. You'll have to draw the clothes a little bigger than the doll, because when your sewing it, it will get smaller and fit the doll better. Or you can cut out clothes that fit the doll and use tape and stick it on the back of the clothing to that it can be fitted. Dresses are the easiest to make but don't just try and make a dress, go all out and make shirts, pants, shorts, and skirts.

Here is a small Dress I made using Scissors,Needle and Thread. The Fabric is something I bought from the fabric store. It's a small feather type fabric. Don't worry if the cut isn't straight or how clothes should look, because you want to remember to have fun and don't worry about getting it completely right.

Here is the back of the dress

Here is the front of the doll with the dress

Here is the back of the Dress on the doll

Here is the back of another dress, but this one has a different back than the original fabric

Here is the front of the dress

Here are a pair of snitched up pants, these are not done as of yet, they need a little more work.

This is a small jacket, made out of white pants, that is why it looks like jeans material
This is the back of the jeans jacket

This is a bun put into the dolls hair