Thursday, November 28, 2013

High School Survival Kit

  High school Survival kit
High school, we all go there for 4 years in our life. SO let's try to make the best of it for us. Don't waste time doing things that will not make those four years of your life, the most happiest time ever. Don't care what people think of you in high school, because to believe it or not, no one will care after high school. People may not even remember you after high school, so just always remember to have fun and enjoy those years. 
Do some activities in high school, those clubs and sports teams that you join can be beneficial for college and you'll have some long lasting friends. Don't be afraid to join a club, a club is for everyone, especially if you like something a lot, then you should join it. If you feel like your good at a sport then join that, because you never know where it may take you.  

OmG, the bathrooms. They can be the worst especially in high school. You always think people are looking at your weird or someone is going to say something about your outfit. Well I say, use the bathroom, after the crowd has gone, and don't spend all day in there. Get your stuff done when you know no one is watching or looking. And always make in quick.

The boys are immature in high school, don't pay them any mind. If they bother you it totally means they really like you LOL. But seriously they shouldn't be that  important in high school, not saying they cannot be your friends. Surely they can (girls), but not for any relationship. Because teenage boys don't know how to handle being in a relationship. Unless you notice that they are just as mature as you then your fine.

I know you like sitting in the back, because the teach cannot call on you. But then you miss out on a lot of information and end up not understanding the class, because your too afraid to be in the front. Just sit really close to the front, or Right in the front. It will not hurt if you learn a bit more, because you are in school remember that. This will help you in the long run, when you want to graduate (Yeah remember that). Don't be scared of the front, and if you are truly not capable of sitting in the front because you don't know the subject then fake it until you make it. OH and lateness, it's embarrassing especially when everyone is watching, just slip into a corner sit, or right there in the front. Survival Yall.

The hallways, you cannot go to class without being in them and you cannot leave school with out going through them. Yes the hallways are scary sometimes, but that doesn't mean you avoid it. I mean IDK how you could avoid it. My advice is, be the first person out of the class so that way you avoid the crowd. Don't get caught up in the chatter, you can always talk to your friends, right now your trying to maneuver these hallways.

Girls and makeup, what can yall do without them. Well technically you can do without makeup, it's just that some girls want to wear it, because they think they look better or because they just want to feel grown up. But seriously your going to have gym, you don't need that stuff, and plus you spend more time in the bathroom trying to touch up your face. If your going to put some, then put a little where people cannot tell. It is honestly a distraction in high school. And you don't want to start messing up your face as you go through puberty at the same time. I say you can start wearing makeup late junior year.


High school girls are unsure of themselves and just want to fit in, which can take up all the fun in high school. Just be yourself, because honestly no one will remember that girl in high school, who acted or looked a certain way. They'll remember you(unless it's your reunion). But then again if you become something in life, no one will care about that girl in high school, they'll care about the women in front of them. You girls just need to find a group of friends who are just like you, and who have the same interest so that you can feel secure, and not want to fit in with other girls. It's important not to run yourself to thin, especially in high school when your life hasn't even started yet. BE YOU!!!!! all the way.

Friends are important in high school, which means you have to know how to pick them. It may seem hard at first, because you want to be with the cool ones. But you eventually find out that the cool ones are truly no fun and all they do is TRY to be cool, because they want to fit in too. Pick people with you particular interest in mind, not the ones who look like they know the latest fashion, or have the brand name stuff. They aren't your friend if all you talk about is fashion, brands and other people. Make sure you can actual have a conversation with these people you call your friends, that's first. Also, go make sure you can trust them because in high school, trusting people is hard. That's why I say join clubs and teams because you meet people who are interested in what you are interested in too.


Homework, UGH!!!! it does such doesn't it. It's like why go home and do the same thing I just did in school at home. Well homework is for practice, that's all. You practice what you've learned in school that day and then you give it to your teacher to grade. At least you get points for trying, and you also get some for doing your homework. Now if your not so good, at a particular class then you can just do he homework and classwork and show the teacher you've been trying, so you might get sympathy points LOL. But seriously just do the homework, 10 points can really help you. And if you don't like to do anything at home, do the homework in school.