Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What to make with leftover chicken

 What to make with leftover Chicken

Healthy eating starts with just the right mine set. We all want to eat healthy, however we may not have the funds at the moment or it takes up to much time. This happens for many of us, who are trying to transition from unhealthy eating to healthy eating. It all starts with the right mind set, because there are times where it's more mind over matter. it's better to start off small until your whole diet is substituted fro healthy meals. 

What to make with leftover chicken

*Grilled Chicken with grilled vegetables

*Baked Chicken with an ice cream scoop of rice and veges on the side

*Pasta and chicken (baked)

*Lemon Chicken and vegetables(string beans, carrots, lettuce)

*Cooked chicken, using vegetable oil and brown rice

1. Substitute certain foods for healthy ones. Such as fries for carrots.
2. Make a healthy lunch
3. Starting shopping at farmers markets for your fruits and vegetables 
4. Begin cooking your own meals 
5. If you cannot find recipes, purchase a cookbook or find a recipe online. 
6. Start by making and cooking a healthy meal.
7. Eventually you'll transition what you eat from unhealthy to healthy. 
8. Grilling your dinner is also a great way to start eating healthy, instead of fried food.

When we start thinking that we can get healthy we start to work on it more. When you want to make a change it can be hard, but it definitely can be done. It takes time for these things to change automatically, but eventually you'll start to feel better, and the change will become evident. Your in charge of your body, and your health is extremely important. It all takes that one time for you to see that getting healthy only benefits you in the end. And no you don't have to just it fruits, vegetables, grain, and other healthy items. You can always try to balance it out, where maybe once every two weeks you can go out to eat.  

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